‘Roberto Ratto’ restored Fulvia Montecarlo 3 Sold.

This is the first ‘Officina of Roberto Ratto’ Fulvia we have ever owned and are extremely proud to offer for sale. Genuine Ratto cars tend to be kept in private collections or by private owners to use in historic events and very rarely come on to the open market. Our car is a genuine Fulvia Montecarlo 3 of which only 2529 were built by the factory and were only available in four colours, Italian red, English green, Holland yellow and French blue. They were built using the 1600HF body with a 1300 S engine, gearbox and suspension. Our car was bought as a 20000km best he could find car and then taken to Officina Ratto in 2019 for the car to be stripped and rebuilt with the mechanicals being built using Ratto only parts. We have many photo’s taken by Roberto during the complete build available on request. I have just driven this car back from Savona 1400km and it did not consume a drop of oil! This is a rare opportunity to purchase the best Fulvia Montecarlo in the UK. This is not a standard Fulvia Montecarlo, this is Officina Ratto built and prepared. The famous Fulvia number ’14’ roundel on the doors can be removed and may well be before being sold. With the pound being low at the moment now is the time for the US buyers to purchase?

We are truly honoured to be able to offer a ‘Roberto Ratto’ Fulvia Montecarlo for sale. The car will be with us by 8th September. If you don’t know who Ratto is then google him. We have extensive photo’s of the restoration for interested parties.