Fulvia Barchetta ‘Autofficina Petrola’ built. Sold.

Built by noted preparation expert, Franco Petrola who ran Autofficina Petrola in
Petrola was a very successful tuner whose cars competed throughout Italy but most notably in the
Targa Florio where, in 1976, Petrola’s own Fulvia finished first in the 1.3-litre Group 4 category.
Autofficina Petrola also ran customer cars, nearly all of which were finished in the same distinctive
light blue livery

Chassis 818.630.072900 is one of those Fulvias prepared in period for competition by Autofficina
Petrola and it is understood, the only example completed as a Barchetta. Starting with a new entry
level 1.3 S, 072900 was extensively modified in 1975 to make it an extremely potent entry for the
1.3-litre class. Most obviously the roof and all glass got completely removed, the car being suitably
reinforced with a bespoke welded cage. Other external items that were junked included the
bumpers, side-mounted chrome trim and windscreen wipers. The intensive weight-saving
programme continued to the interior where the centre console, heater / ventilation system, rear
seat section and all the carpeting and sound insulation were discarded. Left with a superlight basis
on which all the best high-performance parts could be fitted, 072900 was then equipped with a
mixture of custom parts fabricated in-house and Lancia’s own HF components. Upgrades sourced
from the official list of factory tuning parts included wider 6×14 HF wheels (up from 4.5×14 as
standard), fixed position HF seats, an HF-liveried cam cover and an oil temperature gauge. In order
to accommodate the wider 6×14 rims, flared wheel arches were installed, other bodywork additions
including an enlarged hood-mounted engine cooling scoop, a cut-down Plexiglas windscreen,
retaining straps for the bonnet and a fibreglass rear cockpit cover with streamlined headrests. There
was a quick fuel-filler cap. The cockpit was suitably modified as well, Petrola fitting four-point
harnesses, a Fusina three-spoke steering wheel, a turned aluminium dash, simplified door trim and
drilled aluminium pedals. The indicator stalks were removed and replaced with a dash-mounted
switch whilst the normal key-operated ignition was ditched in favour of a straightforward start
button that worked in conjunction with the new electronic fuel pump. To finish, the original engine
(still fitted) came suitably enhanced and by removing the stock air filters in favour of open carbs with
meshed covers and fitting a free-flow side-exiting exhaust system, output rose considerably over the
standard variant. 072900 was used extensively for competition during the latter half of the 1970’s
and into the 1980’s and in September 1975 it was also registered for road use.
Accompanying the history file are the original registration certificate, CSAI and ACI paperwork and a
certificate issued by the late Franco Petrola confirming the date of conversion as 1975. At some
stage the colour was changed from blue to red but in 2001 the car was completely restored by
Autofficina Petrola back to its original specification and has covered a mere 74,832km from new. The
cylinder head has been reconditioned recently, as have the brake callipers. The car remains in very
good condition. The car has been in a private collection since 2008 and is now in need of some refurbishment. We have had the car in our workshops and got it running. The car is still on Italian plates but we will register on age related uk plates. Please call for further information on this very special car which once finished can be used on the road or track although the race side exit exhaust may need toning down a bit! A gorgeous and unique looking car which is a fantastic opportunity for someone with plenty of scope for improvement at only £19950.